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360° Solution


Back2Buzz offers bundles consisting of a refurbished smartphone, combined with a biodegradable protector case and a screen protector. This solution can be pre-installed and makes sure the smartphone is kept in a better cosmetical state and is better protected against customer induced damage (like a drop, key scratches, etc...).

This solution has been rewarded by the Solar Impulse Foundation as one of the 1000 solutions to change the world. Offering this solution extends the life span of a smartphone by at least 1 to 2 years.

Buy Back


Are you a B2B customer and do you find handling your mobile assets as troublesome? Back2Buzz can take over your entire mobile assets management, thanks to a local laboratory, own service desk, capable of pre-installing MDM, software or other. 



Back2Buzz geeft u de mogelijkheid aan uw medewerkers om hun nieuwe refurbished smartphone aan te schaffen met ecocheques.

Dat is een nieuwe stap voor een groenere toekomst, en we accepteren Sodexo, Monizze en Edenred als betaalmiddelen.

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Mobile Management Assets


Back2Buzz offers to B2B customers (but also retail and operators have access), the possibility to buy, during the second life cycle, devices which are equipped with the 360° solution. This means that Back2Buzz will deliver each device with a pre-installed biodegradable cover and a eco-friendly screen protector, equipped with a new charger and earbuds (both biodegradable and recyclable). Knowing that the refurbishment process extends the life span of a device by at least one to 2 years, Back2Buzz can buy back the same units after this period, guaranteeing that the cosmetic shape of the device will be better (thanks to the protection) so guaranteeing a higher buy back price. For COPE devices (Company Owned Personally Enabled devices), there will less CID (Customer Induced Damage) and so less hassle for the responsible mobile assets management division.

Back2Buzz can offer a higher price as they know upfront the expected quality of the device. For customers who kept care of their device, there will be a higher incentive for trading in.

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