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Back2buzz is a Belgian company, born in 2016 by the impulse of 3 investors aware of the current environmental issues and willing to participate in the circular economy. Specialized in the distribution of refurbished smartphones and eco-friendly accessories for smartphones, its objective is to offer high-end and environmentally friendly products. 


Congratulated for its action, Back2buzz was recently awarded by the renowned Solar Impulse Foundation.


Back2buzz is currently present in 16 countries, and distributes a thousand refurbished smartphones across Europe every month.

Do you want your company to be part of a greener future ?

Join us and discover our 360° eco-friendly solution !

back2buzz_eco_smartphones_feuilles copie

Our concept in 1 minute

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back2buzz_eco_smartphones_feuilles copie

The facts / Our proposition

number of unused     smartphones in Belgium

But thanks to the refurbished smartphones technology, we can make this number lower.

A sustainable management of your mobile fleet allows a reduction of this waste, but also a reduction of your costs: approximately between 20 % and 40 %, in function of the product.


That's the current life expectancy of a smartphone. 

... And that's a huge cost for your company ! Therefore, we help you to reduce this cost by providing your employees with ecofriendly protection bundles. In this case, our smartphones are delivered with a protective shell and glass, which will prevent an early breakage of the smartphone in case of an involuntary fall. 


Back2buzz refurbished smartphones are all checked in Belgium in our technical department before being put on sale. No less than 50 tests are carried out to guarantee a quality similar to a new one.

back2buzz_eco_smartphones_feuilles copie

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