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           Go REFURBISHED

Back2Buzz aims at supporting the eco-system in improving its ecological footprint by lengthening the lifecycle of smartphones and related accessories


The smartphones are A++ grade meaning cosmetically as new, fully functional, data wiped, controlled on 50 points, equipped with a new charger, earphones & pin tray extractor. Brands: Apple & Samsung.


Back2buzz distributes a full range of mobile accessories such as cables, chargers, powerbanks, earphones, cases, screenprotectores. The blue range consists of standard accessories, whereas the green range are eco-friendly and/or biodegradable products.


Vision & Mission:


Before the digital area, the term “refurbishment” was mostly related to the housing or car industry. Nowadays, this term is showing up in more markets.  Consciousness for a sustainable economy, belief in a circular economy, and the non-negligible price difference versus new goods are the vast drivers for these segments.

Within this mindset, Back2Buzz envisions to become a European key player in High Grade refurbished high-end smartphones and green accessories. It envisions to be the preferred supplier of corporates wishing to reduce their ecological footprint throughout the circular economy. Next to having developed a successful privileged distribution network of sound partnerships in Europe it envisions to enter emerging countries.

Ecological footprint: Back2Buzz believes that the refurbishment of smartphones can reduce the electronic waste mountain and re-use dozens of minerals needed to fabricate a smartphone. By refurbishing smartphones, Back2Buzz easily extends the life cycle of these devices by another 2 to 3 years before getting recycled. Next to that, Back2Buzz launched an entire range of eco-friendly accessories some of them even entirely bio-degradable. 

vision & mission
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